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Subcontracting Scenario

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Hi all

i have got one problem in Subcontracting Process

The Client requirement is

Suppose we send the material to subcontractor for Processing suppose 100 piece and subcontracting vendor send us the material back to us we receive the material. but Sub Contractor made 5 piece rejection and 5 piece are material defect from our side. means

5 piece is material Defects

5 piece is Vendor Rejection

now we receive the material from the Sub Vendor in four Category in lagacy system

1- OK condition

2- Material defects

3-Scrap (Vendor End Rejection)


How would we MAP this process in SAP

Your Help would be appreciate immediately


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Answers (1)

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case1 : how to by product

you can enter the scrap as by-product in BOM in tcode cs01

and then u can do the good recipt in sap using tcode MIGO

case 2 : vendor rejection

in this case u need to use subsequent adjustment in TCODE MIGO

and there u have to use over consumption check box

case 3 :recive finished good for vendor

simply do the GOOD reciept in tcode MIGO


again u have to use subsequent adjustment in tcode migo

and go for under consumption

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Hi Jas

it Means we have to create the material master for Scrap and have to assigned in our Material BOM with negative qty

but at the time of PO creation i don't know how much is the rejected qty

how would we know