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Subcontracting PO's

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Dear All,

For one of my client, the scenarios is like:

There are 3 Plants, Plant1, Plant 2 and Plant 3. Organisation structure is like, one company code, havinf 3 plants and one company code specific purchasing Org. taking care of all 3 plants and different purchasing groups for different plants.

I am facing one typical issue in case of goods movements for subcontrating PO.

For Each of 3 plants, one other plants acts like a vendor for subcontracting. Plant 1 issues subcontracting PO on Plant 2 with the input quantity transfered to Plant 2. I realise that the moment i do this, i can see the stock as special stock available with vendor, in this case say Plant 2.

But how would i process the received quantity at Plant 2. My client wants this to be taken into stock at Plant 2. By default, since all three plants belong to same company code, the moment i do GR against PO, it will default be Plant as Plant 1 only.This is prerequiste for them, since based on this they do stock availibility check for production order confirmation.

How to address this issue.

Thanks in advance,

Chandrashekar Patil

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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please see blow link

<a href="">link</a>

i understand you problem ,i am not sure but please try this

there is two scenario

1) STO

2) Sub contracting

A)create one vendor , assign the plant in vendor master record in purchasing data additional purchasing data .

B) maintain all setting for STO setting

C) during the PO creation system will show you shipping information as well

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