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sub conracing in MTO

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Hi Fiends,

We are doing jobwok for customes. I have recieved the customer material using mb1c, 501E mvt. type. Maintaind account assignment and item category combination as L-E. now hw to create sub contacting order as system is giving error.please reply...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You want to do material subcontracting,

In your case u want material to be made at subcontractors end and hence u need to keep special procurement key "30" in material master.

You also need to maintain a BOM with usage Production

Info record item category has to be ' 3 '

PO Item category has to be ' L'

ME2O is T Code used for sending materials to vendor. M Type to be used is 541

After completion of job; do GR using MIGO (101 M Type for subcontraced material)

Check and revert



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi K ,

If subcontracting mat is used in FG then include it in BOM . Material master MRP2 set proc type F and sp . key 30 . So that after MRP it will create purchase requi which can be converted to PO .

Otherwise direct PO can be created in me21n with item cat L .

On item detail screen click on material tab and check BOM structure or components going to subcontractor .

For issuing mat use ME2O . Goods receipt is normal ( MIGO ) 103 and 105 if QM is active


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Thanx for reply. But I want to create subcontracting po using account assignment category 'E'. So, it is not accepting sales order.Then how to do this.?

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If u want to create a subcontract PO wrt SO then mention E in the a/c assignment category of PO. U will get a prompt to enter the SO & line item no.

If u want system to do it automatically by MRP run , then do the setting in material master as follows:

Prod type F - MRP2 view

SPK as 30 - MRP2 view

& 1 in individual and coll. reqmts - MRP4 view

Now Run MRP, u will get a subcontract PR with SO as a/c assignement.

Thanks & Regds