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String definition and use - similar text in "Note to payee "


Good morning,

I am trying to configure the search string definition and string use to populate the assignment fields so we can clear.

the issue is I have several payments coming from similar note to payee and I need to be able to search for all the similar ones and populate the assignment field.

1 - How do I configure both screens to search for similar values

2- How do I add text to the assignment field. For some reason it does not populate it when I use FF_5 to load the statement

Please advise

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One way to do this would be to create multiple search strings for each of the 10 scenarios, and map each to the text you want to appear in the Assignment Field.

For example, as you can see in the screenshot below. We are searching for "Companytest1", and it is mapping to text, "Company". You need to make sure to delete the characters that are copied over in positions 8 to 12 within the mapping, leaving only what you want to map in with the search string. You would then assign this search string in the Search String Use, and it will populate the assignment field with "Company"