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String definition and use - similar text in "Note to payee "


Good morning,

I am trying to configure the search string definition and string use to populate the assignment fields so we can clear.

the issue is I have several payments coming from similar note to payee and I need to be able to search for all the similar ones and populate the assignment field.

1 - How do I configure both screens to search for similar values

2- How do I add text to the assignment field. For some reason it does not populate it when I use FF_5 to load the statement

Please advise

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Here is how I would set this up....

Within OTPM you determine what you are searching for within the search string. Lets assume that we want the search string to look within the EBS and search for a 6 digit character that follows the text "REF".

You then click on the Search String Use and define he applicable Company Code, House Bank, and Account ID you want this to apply to. You then define the BTC code that this should apply to, as well as the interpretation algorithm. In the next field choose the search string that you created previously, and assign it to 'Target Field' ASSIGNMENT NUMBER, and then activate the search string checkbox. When you upload the EBS the 6 character field within the EBS will map into your assignment field on the document.