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String condition in PLD

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Hi all,

Can we use LIKE/Contain string condition in PLD or something similiar ?

Say, if Field1 is like " /star/ Payment /star/ "

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Answers (2)

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PLD does not support SQL. Therefore, there is no parameter accepted. If you need your report with variable, try Query PLD or Crystal Report.



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What is your exact requirement?

are you want 'if condition' in PLD? its not possible in PLD.

Try this,

for example:

->> Open your requrie PLD.

->> Create 1 Formula field in PLD and insert the the formula.


Field_XXX =='/star/ Payment /star/ '

->> Create 1 Text field and HardCode the something like 12345 and Link to Formula Field ID.

->> Select the Text Field Link to Field_XXX(Formula Field) in Content Tab on Properties Window.

Save it and run the Print preview.



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Thank you for the reply.

Sorry, I meant wildcard.

I did exactly what you have done here -- linking a field to another.

The condition I wanted to set is that if the field contains the word "payment", then show the other field.

I have tried *, %, like etc. Can we do that in PLD?

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