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Strategy Planning depend on specific Customer

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Hi gurus,

Is it possible for SAP to combine two strategy type pure MTS and pure MTO on 1 material code?? Suppose I have scenario like this. I sell this material for general customer and for specific customer. For general customer, because there are many customer and no bind between company and that customer, so company want to planning material based on MTS. But, there are specific customer that company and this customer have some agreement or bind so company will make this material based on specific customer demand (MTO). Can I setting that strategy type MTO will be done on specific customer?? I don't want to create two material code for this situation because I want to get revenue report totally on 1 material.


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I have also faced the similar kind of requirement.That is very much possible in R/3.Concept of Mixed strategy is there.You can create you own Planning strategy,where the Primarly one will be ur MTS(10 or 40) and secondary one as 20.Here,the behaviour of your planning will be controlled by the Item category in the sales Order.Let say u use strategy 40(MTS,both PIR/SO plays role in Planning).In normal case if sales order comes,Item category TAN will come and in case of MTO(specific to customer) comes then item category relevant for MTO will appear.In stock requirement list also,this customer order segment will appear separately.However,the above concept is not suppported in APO.