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Storage Locations

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Hello Experts,

In one of the client's business, there are 800 different RACK LINES in the warehouse(WM module will not be implemented).

Each RACK LINE will be having 48 racks.

In one day only 4 racks can be counted practically(For each 4 racks there is a physical count sheet) . Hence accordingly in SAP, one storage location can be created for every 4 physical racks.

So for one RACK LINE, there will be 12 storage locations.

For all the RACK LINES, if we create storage locations, then the numbers will be in thousands.

So please suggest how to accomodate the numbers of storage locations, to faclitate business.

Is it recommended to create thousands of storage locations or any other alternative available to reduce numbers of storage locations?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In my opinion you should be using one storage location for all the racks. because racking system is feasible in WM only and you mention they are not going for WM, so one physical location for all racks you should be using one storage location.


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