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Storage Location determination in return sales order


Hi SD Gurus,

While creating return sales order with reference to a billing document, sales order is catching wrong storage location.

I had checked all the assignments in "Assign picking location" tab. No problem there.

Rule - MALA.

My question is

1) Storage location determination takes place @ delivery level. Why this determination is taking place @ order level?

2) Why its catching wrong storage location?

Please help.


Balaji Parsewar

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Balaji

check this link



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Thanx a ot for your replies.

Creation of new shipping point will definitely solve the issue.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Dear Balaji,

plz do these -

Step - 1

Plant / Storage 1 view from Material Master

Purchasing View (activate batch management) from Material Master

Also these are required for customized cases u2013

Delivery item category, sales item categories (automatic batch determination). When delivering a sales order, this batch is copied to outbound delivery. Then we cannot change batch in outbound delivery.

If a batch has not been specified in the sales order, you can enter one in the picking overview screen of the outbound delivery. We must specify a batch before goods issue.

Step - 2

Go to VTFA

go for Copying Control: Billing Document to Sales Document

check Billing document type and sales document type mapping with its item and schedule line

Step -3

If still error occurs then try to match the configuration with your business process.



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Dear Balaji,

As per my knowledge, storage location determination will not happen in SALES ORDER level.

However if we want , we have an exit for this in the sales order level.


But since it is return order, you have to check whether the same is appearing because of the copy control from billing to return order.

Since you are dealing with return order, can you please tell whether the system is having say X as storage location in the O/B delivery and whether the same is getting determined when creating the return order?

Now if you have X storage location from where you delivered the stock and return has to be in another storage location, say Y, then i think we can fulfill the requirement by creating one more shipping point for this plant.

For your return order, you have to assign a new shipping condition so that this shipping point will be triggered.

If we are able to trigger a new shipping point in the return order, then for that shipping point/plant/storage condition maintain your desired storage location.

But as a starting point, check whether the EXIT is activated in the sales order since the storage location

Check and revert back if there is any query.

Thanks & Regards,

Hegal K Charles