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Storage Bin Capacity Over Utilization


Dear Experts,

We intend to enable Storage Bin Capacity Check 4 : Usage check based on material. We have tested all scenarios with mixed storage and addition to existing stock with put-away strategy as Manual stock placement.

The user has put a new requirement that the system should allow placement of material in a bin even though the capacity utilization is already 100%. Currently the warehouse is already being utilized at 150% without capacity check enabled. and the user intends to report the same through system to the management.

Please advise.

Thank you


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Try the same with a glass of water.

You either check capacity and have a hard stop on the real capacity,

or you maintain your capacity with a value that corresponds to a 150%

or you just don't do any capacity check.

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Nailed it!!!

As a consultant I agree to your views in principle. However, since the user requires to capture the over stocking, how do we do it. Operationally, the user is placing the material beyond the capacity and physical material is placed on the walking isles.

The material in the system is updated in bin closest to the walkway.

How would this be catered in the system. One possible solution is that the isle be marked as a bin as well and a capacity be assigned to it.

Your take.