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Stop intercompany billing

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Currently intercompany billing is configured for sales orders and STO. A copy of client was made for new business in which intercompany is not desired. All historical documents will remain on the copy. What must be done to prevent the intercompany billing from completing in the future? What are the basic tasks required to prevent interco billings from completing without affecting historical data?



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Hello Bela,

the suggestion to remove the intercompany billing type from VOV8 can be useful for stock transfer order intercompany too.

Run transaction 0VLK, display the delivery type used, and check the order type present in field 'Default Ord.Ty.' (usually it is 'DL').

Then you can remove the intercompany billing type from VOV8 for this order type.

Pay attention this action will affect all the processes where this order type is involved.

Best regards,