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Stock Transport with Subcontracting Challan

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Dear Gurus,

Requesting you kindly provide your valuable input to the issue raised from my client, As per the new Policy while transfer excisable goods from one plant to another plant it should accompany Subcontracting challan or 57F4. How can we map this into the system . What are the required configuration i need to do. Looking forward for your replies



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Anupam

Assume basic setting for cin is done. Below customizing steps require for subcontracting process.

1) SPRO --- logistics-general ---- tax on goods movements ---India--- Business Transactions --- Subcontracting --- Subcontracting Attributes

2)SPRO --- logistics-general ---- tax on goods movements ---India--- Business Transactions --- Subcontracting --- Maintain Movement Type Groups

3) SPRO --- logistics-general ---- tax on goods movements ---India--- tools --- number ranges.

Maintain number range for object ‘J_1I57FC’ with No range No ‘01’ only.

Apart from this for total process flow with J1id settings pls refer thread no

I hope this may serve your purpose.Pls revert if have any query


Gadgil D.R.

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Thanks Dnyanesh, for your reply. Let me try out this scenario, if require any help will get back to you.

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Please check also the output type for challan. J1IF.

Below are the steps.

1) ME21N - Create PO with Item category as 'L'

2) MB1B (541 MVT TYPE) Send material(components )to vendor.

3) J1IF01 - Create s/c Challan (57F4) (use 541 doc number)

4) MIGO - Do GR for PO (in Excise tab select wrt to subcon challan).

5) J1IFQ - Reconcille challan with reference to 101 mvt Material document

6) J1IF13 - Complete challan/Close challan


8.). Update the excise register using J1i5 (IPD/RG23A and ROP/RG1)

Classification – ROP to update RG! Register

Classification – IPD to update the RG23A Reqister

9). View the Excise registers RG23A and RG1 – using J2i5 an J2i6

10) MIRO for S/c Charge

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Thanks Kannan for your reply, but just want to reconfirm that i only want to do stock transfer from one plant to another plant, no job work... but as it is an excisable material it will accompanied with challan 57F4.. So do we need to make Stock transport order or subcontracting order???

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Plant to Plant is STO .

For the STO , the material should go with excise invoice .

Because Two plants will have separate ECC NO.

excise value will flow from the supplying plant to receiving plant.

excise register updated accordingly.

There are many threads available in sdn.

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Through which route you want to do STO. MM or SD route? If you want to follow MM route then you may create Subcon challan normally with 351 Material document similar to Subcon process. Try it in Dev and let us know your findings.

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