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Stock transport PO process

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Dear Gurus,

I have a very critical issue at my hand.I am breaking my head on this issue kindly help me in resloving this issue.

PO is raised for Qantity 5 by Reciving plant (A)

Stock is avilable in Supplying plant (B) 500 ( make to stock )

In MD04 requirement list it is showing as stock got allocated to PO(ConRel)

But from Plant B i am unable to created delivery using the VL10B or VL02N

I what so ever i tried i am unable to create Delivery

Please some body tell me what would be reason that i am unable to create delivery?

Thanks and Regards

Yoganand Pingili


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I will assume we are talking about a working system, and you are not debugging a new process that may not be fully operational yet.

To create a delivery, you have to fulfill all the selection criteria in VL10B. The most common problem is that the date of the PO is outside selection date range of VL10B. You can try extending the VL10B selection date range farther into the future.

The other criteria is that the system must first conduct an ATP against the requirement before it can create a delivery, the same as for SD requirements. If the ATP check fails, the delivery cannot be created. ATP availability check is defined in the Material Master, checking rule for STO deliveries are always 'B' or 'BE', same as for SD deliveries, Bear in mind that if the STO is 'account assigned' (this can happen if the material is defined in the destination plant as MTO), the requirement also may be account assigned, and will fail if only unrestricted stock is available.

Both of these types of problems can be seen if you review the log after the VL10B attempt.

You can simulate the ATP check in CO09.

In the error message you posted in your last post, this means you have failed the ATP check. So, although you say that there is adequate stock, the system says otherwise. You should probably review for competing requirements.



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Have you maintained necessary prerequities for both supplying plant and receriving plant for STO PO processing.

SUch as: Supplying plant : customer master data

1) Customer master data - XD01: in sales arae tab: shipping conditions

2) Assign doc type : NB

3) delivery type: NLCC

4) Checking rule: RP

5) Material master setup such as: in sales / general plant data view----maintain avaliablity check, loading group and transpeotation group.

Receiving plant st up:

1) Vendor master = XK01 assign supplying plant in purchasing data screen---extra - additional pur data

2) Doc type: NB



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Can u discribe what exactly error r u getting while creating Delivery Doc.

Does it reflecting it in VL10B or not.




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Dear Ashok,

The error that i am getting is "Only 0 PC of material 612330276 available" even though stock is avilable for this material in the Delivering plant.

Thanks and regards

Yoganand pingili

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Are you able to create Delivery Document in VL10B if yes then go to VL02N and check whether system is picking any default Storage Location in "Picking" Tab in which sufficient stock is not available.

If it is happening so then go to OVL3 and remove the picking determination for that storage location and then try.

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Please check the stock in MD04, If materila is reserving for other case like subcontracting PO kindly reset those reservations. after that it will show you the exact stock in MD04.

then you do Vl10B create delivery in Vl01N, system will allow you to create delivery.