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stock transport oredrs

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Hi experts,

what are the necessary steps to make STO between two plants ( different company codes ) ?

how we maintain the sending plant as a vendor at receiving plant ?

at the time STO can we give the vendor number as that sending plant number in receiving plant ?

how can we maintain the vendor master data for the sending plant at the receiving plant ( what views are maintained ),

how can we maintain the customer data for receiving palnt in sending plant ( is it in MM part ) ?

i appretiate for your valuable guidence,

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Thanks & Regards

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Follow the below steps to to make STO between two plants ( different company company codes).It is also called as Inter Company STO.....

1)Create one Customer Master in XD01 with respect to Supplying Plant Sales Area and assign this Customer no with Receiving Plant in OLME->PO-> set up STO->Define shipping data for plant and for the supplying Plant assign the above sales area.( Make sure,In Customer Master,sales Area Tab: you are maintaining shipping condition)

2) For Receiving Plant Pur. Org and Co.Code Combination create Vendor master in XK01 and in this vendor master assign the Supplying plant in Pur.Org.Data screen->Extras-->

3) OLME->PO-> Set up STO------>For your supplying plant assign document type NB, Delivery type NLCC and Checking Rule RP

4)then For your supplying Plant and receiving Plant assign Document type NB

5)Make sure you are maintaining Sales View for the material at supplying Plant and in Sales /Gen plant Data view maintain Availability check, Loading group and Transportation group.

6) In SPRo-->Logistics execution> Shipping->Basic shipping functions->Shipping point Determination>assign shipping points-> For your Loading group,Shipping Condition and Supplying plant combination,Assign shipping point

these are the configuration settings you have to do in background.

Then Create STO from Receing Plant in ME21N with document type NB.

Based on that STO, Create Delivery in VL10B from supplying Plant

Do PGI in VL02N from Supplying plant

Do GR in MIGO at Receiving Plant keeping Outbound delivery as a ref. document.

Now your STO bet. two plants belongs to diff. Co.Codes will be completed.

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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Laxmi,

Please check following link

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Hi Lakshmi

Please ensure the following steps to make your STO work.

(1) How to create a Plant as a vendor

Go to XK01 centeral vendor creation, select account group as "Plant" and maintain all other details as usual. You also find a tab in vendor master to specify the customer. Also ensure in XD01 you create the receiving plant as a customer by selecting the account group "Plant". Here too you will be having the option of maintaining vendor. But dont specify it here . Because if you specify you are making the customer plant responsible only for one vendor plant and you restrict procuring from multiple plant

(2) Now go to IMG>Materials management>Purchasing>Purchase order> Stock transport order> Define shipping ...

Ensure to maintain the customer no of plant with respective sales area and division.

(3) For a combination of Supplying plant and document type select the delivery type as NL (replenishment delivery) in case of intercompany across plant transfer and select delivery type NLCC in case of transfer across company code.

Hope this clarifies your doubt

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Hi You may go through

these Steps

1. The STO Material must be extended in both plants (with sales views in supplying plant, with Purchasing views in receiving plant)

2. Define and assign shipping points at logistics execution in 'Enterprise structure'

Assign shipping point with shipping condition and loading groups in 'Logistic execution'

3. Create Receiving plant as customer of Supplying plant(make sure u use same loading group and shipping conditions)

4. Define shipping data for plants:Customer number enter at the receiving plant (Purchasng/ Purch.Order/ Setup

5. Assign delivery type: UB - NL (Purchasng/ Purch.Order/ Setup

Now create PO in receiving plant, the PO creates with shipping tab.

or you may follow this link also for better idea

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