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stock transport order

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hi friends

What is the movement type of STO between 2 plants between two company codes using order type NB?



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Dear Friend,

The one step procedure is 643 and the two step procedure is 645.

for intercompany inter plant stock transfer order.

Check in the transaction code : OMBQ


Amlan Sarkar

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Hi santosh,

For Order Type NB

Movement type for GI is 643

Movement Type for GR is101



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Check the following link for explanations.

Stock Transfer


For Stock transfer between two storage location use MB1B with movement type 311.

For stock transport order between two plants of the same company code with one step

1) Create a purchase order - ME21N

2) Create a outbound delivery - VL10D

3) Create a Post Goods Issue - VL02N

The two step process is similar to the one step process with the additional step of creating a goods receipt.


Whenever you need to transfer the materials from one plant to another plant belonging to one company or belonging to two company code stock transfer order is raised by the delivering company.


Transfer of goods from one location to another location,it may be between plants within the same company code or in different company code's plants.

within the company code, bet plants, receiving plant will raise the STO in Supplying/issuing plant-ME21n,

Supplying plant will deliver the goods to receiving plants , then we need to pick n post the Goods Issue-VL02n, nw when we can observe that the STO qty will be added into receiving plant and reduced in Delievering plant.

To do this, we need do prior customizatin in SPRO-IMG,-material should be created in both plants( receiving & Supplying)

-maintaing the stock only in supplying plant

-create a dummy customer in supplying plant's sales area(if u have one sales area, create in tat comp code n sales area)

-Assign this customer number to receiving plant's details along with the sales area,

-Assign the STO doc type(UB) to Supplying plant, along with checking rule

-Assign the Del type (NL/NLCC) to Supplying n receiving plant.

You create a STO from MM route i.e., ME21N and then enter the details of the supplying,receiving plant and the materials.Once you complete the STO,then it goes for a delivery followed by an intercompany invoice.

Remember that the Material should be there in BOTH supplying and receving plant.

Internal Procurement (Stock Transfer With Delivery):

In a company, goods movements do not only occur in the form of goods receipts and goods issues. Depending on the organization of the company (for example, decentralized storage) and its sales policy, internal stock transfers might also be necessary.

The stock transfer with delivery is a plant to plant scenario. You are posting a goods issue in plant BP02 and a goods receipt in plant BP01.

This type of stock transfer can only be carried out from unrestricted-use stock of the issuing plant to unrestricted-use stock of the receiving plant.

You post the placement into storage at the receiving plant in a second step. Only then is the event completed and the transferred quantity part of unrestricted-use stock.


Creating a Planned Independent Requirement

Creating a stock transport order in plant BP01

Generating a delivery in plant BP02

Picking of the material and posting the goods issue in the delivering plant

Posting the goods receipt in the receiving plant

Note: The quantity posted from stock is first of all managed as stock in transit of the receiving plant. Only once the goods receipt has been posted is the quantity posted to the unrestricted-use stock of the receiving plant. This enables the quantity "on the road" to be monitored.

The transfer posting is valuated at the valuation price of the material in the issuing plant.

Delivery costs can be entered in the stock transport order.

Internal Procurement (Stock Transfer without Delivery):

The cross-plant, internal procurement of materials can be carried out within one company code (intercompany) or by using several company codes (cross company). This process can be dealt with using standard functions such as material requirements planning, purchase requisition, stock transport order, transportation planning and the handling of internal deliveries.

The following functions are provided to support the Internal Stock Transfer without Delivery:

Create Stock Transport Order

Post goods issue for stock transport order

Post goods receipt for stock transport order

Note: Quantity "on the road" can be monitored

Delivery costs can be entered in the stock transport order

Internal Procurement (Cross-Company Stock Transfer):

You post a stock transfer from company code to company code the same way as you post a stock transfer from plant to plant, except that both plants belong to different company codes.

During the stock transfer, two accounting documents are created in addition to the material document:

-An accounting document for the removal from storage at the issuing company code

-An accounting document for the placement into storage at the receiving company code

The stock posting is offset against a company code clearing account.

To display the value of the cross-company-code stock in transit with a report, choose Environment à Stock à Stock in transit Cc.

The following functions are provided to support the cross company stock transfer:

Create sales order to customer

Run single-level MRP

Creating a purchase order

Creating delivery

Picking and post goods issue

Posting goods receipt

Create inter-company billing document

Invoice receipt

Create delivery, picking and post goods issue to customer


Notes: The issuing plant enters a delivery for the stock transport order and a billing document. This is an inter-company billing document (billing type YBIV). Pricing takes place as normal.

When the goods arrive, the receiving plant posts a goods receipt for the purchase order. The unrestricted-use stock increases and an accounting document is created.

The invoice is checked with reference to the purchase order.

Stock transport order processing in receiving plant

Delivery processing in supplying plant Picking batch determination in delivery Goods issue processing in the supplying plant Billing processing in supplying plant

Goods receipt processing in receiving plant Invoice verification processing in receiving plant Purchase order monitor processing in receiving plant

Stock Transport Order:

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The movement type for sto b/w two plants b/w two company codes is 643 .

Correct me if I am wrong.