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Stock Transfers

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Hi all.

i need to do a two step transfer of stock in the sense that the user does a transfer to a transit warehouse in SBO. Thats the first step. The next step is from the transit warehouse to the actual final holding warehouse. i have created a similar form to the stock transfer form in SBO and the user enters the document number and the initial entry to the transit warehouse is retrieved. then the user can change the warehouse to which the items should go from the matrix just as in the original Stock Transfer form. So far adding the new entry is ok the only problem is with journal entries:

1. Do stock transfers from one company warehouse to another require journal entries/

2. If they do, how do i know which accounts to debit and which to credit?

3. I have come across the business objects for the journal entries and the journal entry rows. Could some one give me a pointer on how to use these to add my journal entries.

Thanks in advance people! all help is much appreciated.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Wilfred,

If you use the stocktransfer object, to transfer the items, SBO takes care of all (including journal entries).



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Hi guys,

I also have a client request for the "Transporter" part of Stock Transfers between warehouses. They require a three step process where -

1. A Stock Transfer Requisition is created in SB1 with the Transporter Supplier's details within it and this needs to Automatically create a "Transport Purchase Order"(another issue) which is linked to this Stock Transfer Requisition as the Source Document. The stocks are not posted but instead they are "Commited", much like the Sales Order Module. It cannot be cancelled unless the linked Transport Purchase Order is Cancelled or Closed.

2. A Stock Transfer Goods Issue is created and the Goods Issue's source document is this Stock Transfer Requisition. The Stock Transfer Requisition is then closed. The Stock is still within the Source Whs while the goods are in Transit and all open "Stock Transfer Goods Issues" will reflect Goods in transit. ie: Stock Transfer Goods Issue - linked to Stock Transfer Requisition - linked to the Transport Purchase Order. Also the Stock Transfer Goods Issue needs to create a GRPO for the Transport Purchase Order.

3. When the Goods are Recieved at the Destination Whs, a Stock Transfer Goods Reciept will be created with the Source Document as the Stock Transfer Goods Issue and the Stock Transfer Goods Issue will then be Closed and no stock will be in Transit. This Stock Transfer Goods Reciept will negate the "Commited" stock and Post the Stocks from the Originating Whs to the Destination Whs. The Cost Of Goods or the Value of the Stock needs to be adjusted based on criterias (much like the Added Expenses Module) and this will update the Value of the Goods per Whs and this is only if the "Manage Cost per Whs" is activated for the Company. If it is not activated, then the Cost of the Goods will not be adjusted.

The Stock Transfer Process is now complete. The Transport GRPO can then be invoiced and closed with the standard SB1 Functionality.

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