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stock transfer requisition for non-valuated material

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Dear SAP gurus,

We are using non-valuated materials extensively in our company; and we are having scenario where people in one plant would need to request material from other plant. We will use Stock Transfer Requisition for this.

However I found one strange thing. When we create Requisition for stock transfer (item category U) for a non-valuated material, I got error message asking me to put valuation price. This puzzle me because this is obviously a non-valuated materials where we dont even have accounting view for this material.

Please help.


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Answers (3)

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Think on suggestions given by other expert.However till that time you check whether it takes "Zero value".If so put it .Any way its non valuated material.At least your work will strart.

Revert back,

Vivek Maitra

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whenu r dealing with non valuated material why u need to create PR and all,

simply transfer the same by 301 mvt.

any how there is no accounting hit, only qty updation will be there.

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Hi Jhon,

Check the following setup.

spro-mm-purchasing-pur.requisation-document type-select ur document type - click on Allowed Item categories(here you shlod find 'U' category, then click on Link pur.req.doc.type:here for your document type unflag the NAA check box.