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Stock transfer price diference

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I have 2 differences in stock transfers that I would like to correct.

The first one is a stock transfer that had a freight amount added to it, and it was cancel with a 642 movement, but without the freight amount being canceled.

So the material left with for example 5 usd cost, and when it was cancel the cost was 7 usd since it had the freight amount added to it.

So the 2 usd price difference was posted as a cost difference account, how can I fix this so I can cancel the freight invoice and there is no price difference.

For the second error, is a stock transfer that when it was done it had a wrong price, but when it was canceled, the price was corrected so SAP send the difference variation to a Inventory difference account.

If anyone can help on how I can fix those movements so there is no account difference posted.

Thank you, Regards,


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Hi Carlos,

Sorry for late reply.

Could we know whether you are using IS Oil industry solution in your system?

Kind regards,