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stock transfer from bin to bin

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In stock transfer from bin to bin process i need solution for the below requirement...

a)The system must raise a warning when a material is transferred to another bin, which already contains the same material with a different batch number.

b)Transferring stock to a single batch location which already contains another material/batch is not allowed.

In bin to bin stock transfer process, it is possible by system to propose destination bin automatically ?



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Answers (1)

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The requirements that you have may be fulfilled using 'mixed storage' options available in the storage type configuration. However, there are rigid prerequisities to use certain options such as usage of storage unit management and bulk storage strategy. You may look into a custom putaway strategy (MWMTO003) to fulfill your requirements.

As for automatic proposal of bin during bin-bin transfer, it is pretty much the same set up that you'd use for any other putaway. This includes, enabling storage type search (sections & bin type, if applicable) along with indicators, defining the relevant putaway strategy, and assignment of indicators in the material masters.