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Stock Transfer, Between Plants

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Dear friends,

MM guys are tramsfering finished goods from one profit center to another (plant to plant). in this case the price diffrence amount is posting to Dummy profit center but stock at actual cost is posting to currect profit center.

my question is why this dummy profit center is coming in to picture without assigning it to any g/l in obyc and i am not getting any idea in this.

troubling from 4 days... kindly solve my problem...

thank you

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Answers (2)

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The when PCA is active fully and if it is not in a position to derive automatically the PCtr, then system updates with Dummy PCtr as a default. Hence as a period end process, we need to scrutinise and clear these entries by PCtr JE.

Hope this will be helpful

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Thank you dear...

but my another doubt is .... how it is possible to give a perticular profit center as automatic assignment... because here not just two profit centers (each product is treated as PC) are in the organisation but nearly 40. But only one profit margine account (due internal stock transfer --- say internal sale/purchase between two PC's) is created in GL Account... is it?

then how automatic assignment is possible ...? can explain clearly please?

Thank you

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I assume your question is - how to remove the price difference posting to correct profit center.

I think following settings were done in your system

1. Valuation of material at plant level

2. Stock transfer posting is direct entry - through Stock transfer posting in MM

Because of Point 1 - the difference is calculated and posted to Dummy.- You have got the option to value it at company code level irrespective of plants.

Request to change the procedure in Point 2 to two level transactions.

a. Post the stock transfer through SO- and post to stock in transit as first entry

b. Post the receipt offsetting through PO - offsetting the stock in transit entry. This should ensure the price difference correctly posted.

Hope this will be useful

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Thank you for u r short repply...

Your first point is currect, mm valuation is carrying out at plant level. But (second point is not currect) here stock is transfering in two steps.

And another point is we (FI) only created Dummy profit center but not assigned it to any where (dummy cost center may assigned to it but these cannot be used any where in settings)....

But how dummy profit center is coming in to picture?

Pls help me...

Thank you