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Stock Transfer B/W Two Plants ( 303 & 305 )

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Hi MM Experts.....

Im working with the scenario of two plant stock transfer ie., 303 & 305 and in need to control the posting date of 305 should be gerater or equal to the reference document ie., 303.

There is a field LFBNR - Document No. of Reference Document but i cannot find the reference doc number ie., 303 on that.

Im tried to figure out the reference document in the MKPF & MSEG table but i couldn't only for 303 & 305 document alone.

Please suggest me ......


MM-L.Senthil Kumar

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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There is no link between 303 and 305.

One moves stock from a storage location into in-transit, while the other posts from in-transit to a storage location.

Depending on the time one needs to transport the material physically, you can have stock of several movements done with 303 in in-transit.

Further you are looking for a way to restrict posting with an earlier receipt date than issue date, but this just assumes that the GR folks are working wrong, while the people who perform the goods issue are doing everything right.

You better analyse your process and talk with the receivers why they enter a earlier date. I doupt that they are doing this to mess around. I would even guess they are doing it because they received the goods at this earlier date, but could not perform the GR because the goods issue folks had not done their job.

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