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Stock Posting not allowing for Inspection Lot

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One inspection lot is stuck with system status UD ICCO SPRQ. and User status NOID.

Usage decision is done but stock posting was not done.


Prashant Atri

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Dear Prashant Atri,

thank you for the details provided.

I have 3 ideas in the topic, you might test it in a test system, which fits you the best:

  1. Temporarily change the business transaction control behind the user status NOID in its status profile, in customizing:
    IMG (transaction QCC0 or SPRO)
    >Quality Management
    >>Quality Inspection
    >>>Status Management
    >>>>Define Status Profile
    Then do the stock posting via transaction QA12 (user status can be adjusted in this transaction as well, from NOID to something else), finally change the status back to its original state in the customizing.
    AVOID changing other lots in the system, while the status profile is in the 'adjusted' state.
  2. Another solution can be to change the user status in the database from NOID to something else. (table JEST)
  3. My last idea would be to override the status check in the debugger, while accessing transaction QA12. Then change the user status and do the stock posting.

Have a nice day,



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