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stock posted directly into unrestricted without quality clearence

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Dear All,

We have maintained 01 inspection type for X material and procured it, for the same material doc and Insp lot numbers are generated. But in MMBE stock is been displayed with out clearing in QA32.

What could be the reason. Kindly suggest.



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Answers (4)

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Also make sure the settings were done before any contracts, req's and PO's were created.

You may need to have the contract updated if you use them.  You may need to wait until you create a new PO if for instance you use blanket PO's for the year.


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Quantity will be visible in MMBE stock report, but under Quality Inspection. Do you see the quantity under unrestricted stock ?

Apart from the settings suggested by Arijit and Suresh, also check if the indicator for 'Insp. Stock' is set under the Inspection lot stock tab in QA32. If this is not set, quantity was never posted to QI during lot generation.


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Hi Naveen

The issue might be because of following reasons.

1. Check the active button is checked for 01 inspection type.

2. Check 'Post to Inspection stock' is checked or not.

3. Check while doing GR for the Purchase Order in MIGO transaction make sure that your Stock Type     should be "2 Quality Inspection".

Please check and update.



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Check if 'Post to Inspection Stock' check box is flagged or not for the assigned inspection type 01.

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Dear Arijit,

It is checked.


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Hi Naveen,

Please confirm what is the system status of the Inspection Lot too.