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I want to be able to do the next thing:

let's say that I have a client who just buys and sales trading goods (like a store); this client wants to know for the goods that when the stock for a good is below a defined level (for example 100 pieces) , SAP suggest him to manually create a purchase order or to automatically create a purchase oder for the good.

My questions are:

1. How can I do this?

2. Should I use MRP for this?

3. If I use MRP1 and MRP2 for this thing, what parameters do I choose there (example: if I use MRP type, what type I use from that list...).?

4. What is MRP used for anyway?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can use reorder point planning for these materials.Steps involved for this :

1. You have to define the MRP type as either Manual Reorder point planning or Automatic reorder point planning in MRP view 1.Suggest you to select Manual sothat you can given Reorder point value manually

2. Give reorder quantity as per requirement (say 100 nos).

3.You can use Replenishment to Maximum sotck level by defining th Lot size procedure as HB and specifying Maximum stock (say 500 nos) in MRP view1.

4.When stock become below 100 nos, In MRP run, system will generate automatically the PR for Maximum stock level.

I think this will work out for the requirement.

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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Yours is typically a Reorder point strategy. In MRP1 view select the strategy VB (Manual Reorder Point Planning) or VM (Automatic Reorder Point Planning) as per your requirements at 'MRP Procedure. Enter the reorder point (e.g. 100 in your case) & also select the lot sizing procedure in 'Lot size data'. e.g. Lot for Lot, Replenish to max stock. Enter lot size. In MRP2 view, enter 'Safety Stock' at 'Net Requirements calculation'. Also enter Planned delivery time & GR processing time at 'Sceduling'. (MRP2 view).

Based on this data, system will create Procurement proposal as soon as the stock level falls below the Reorder Point & MRP is taken.


Prashant Kolhatkar