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Stock Control

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Hi all SAP experts,

How can i control the quantities issued from sales, for ex. i have total quantity of 100 EA in unrestricted stock, i want to keep 10% of the stock in the warehouse so the SD cannot issue more than 90% (90 EA).

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Answers (5)

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Your requirement begs the question:  What do you intend to do with the 'reserved' stock, if you don't intend to sell it to customers?

Anyhow, as the previous experts have stated, automatically calculating '10%' and reserving it doesn't seem to make much business sense, and I don't believe SAP supports this business requirement in their standard solutions.

You can always change a specific quantity of stock into 'Blocked Stock' status.  In general, you can prevent just about any activity you want against blocked stock. Blocked stock is generally not available for planning, it is not usually available for ATP, and it usually requires special treatment before it can be issued.

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   As Jurgen already explained, there is no option to calculate percentage of stock and block the goods issue for the calculated quantity.

   Instead, you may define a fixed quantity as safety stock for the material in material master - MRP 2 view. Maintain the availability check control to exclude the safety stock in OVZ9 transaction. The safety stock can thus be excluded from the available quantity.



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Dear Gomaa,

I have came a cross the requirement like min stock level or safety stock level but never heard about this requirement of having always 10% stock. No standard setting available in SAP until and unless you go for customizing.

Best Regards

Mohsin Abbasi

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I this request mathematically realistic?

Lets continue with this example.

You sell 70 EA, no problem at all, as you still have 30% of the original quantity in the warehouse.

But after this sale, your new base quantity is just 30 EA

Is it now enough to just keep just 3 EA in stock when you issue the next quantity to fulfill a sales order?

There is no way to let SAP know that it has to calculate from the 100 which you initially had.

A percentage does not make any sense in this case, it may help you to define a safety stock level, but the safety stock is a discrete quantity in base unit of measure.

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As of my knowledge, there are any standard settings to keep the 10 % stock in unrestricted stock.

You may have to go for a development. By using any user exit or badi, you can write you own logic to keep the 10 % stock in warehouse.