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We have created 2 doc. type ZINT & ZUB for Inter company STO and Intra Company STO.

Now both are working exclusively

i.e ZINT is working for ( Stock Transport Order with Delivery and Billing Document )

i.e ZUB is working for ( Stock Transport Order with Delivery )

In case of ZUB i am not able to do Company code clearing .i.e i am able to create a P.O. but not able to do delivery.

Further I am not able to execute 351 Movement type

Purchase order 740000XXX does not contain items for a stock transfer

Message no. M7153

Suggestion in this regard will be appreciated.

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Answers (2)

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Hi, Just maintain Company code clearing account for your 2 companies from T-code OBYA.

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Movement type 351 is only used if the goods issue is posted without an SD delivery (As you said that doc. type ZUB you create STO with delivery (LE-Shipping). ). A goods issue for a stock transport order with SD delivery is posted using movement type 641 or 643.

Steps to follow to create delivery:

1. From the shipping menu, choose Delivery Process delivery due list. The initial screen is displayed.

2. Enter the data required. Select Purchase order as Documents to be selected.

3. Choose Delivery Display delivery due list. A basic list is displayed from which you can select the deliveries to be processed. The list only contains order items that contain shipping data.

4. Choose Delivery Save. The system creates a replenishment delivery for the selected orders. A log of the deliveries created can be displayed.

5. When you choose the function Delivery Change, you can enter the picking and post the goods issue.

Processing in the issuing plant is complete when the goods issue is posted.

Hope this helps!