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STO with ref to Sales Order

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Dear All,

Can we raised STO w.r.t Sales order. My scenario is as follows.

My client has5 0 depots and 3 plant. All sales is always happen from depot. so they use to do stock transfer from factory to depot then sale the material.

In some case customer asked for special material so they raise STo to plant and do stock transfer and then do sales to customer.

Here problem is for special material they have some special price,so they want track in sales order against which STO that material has come because excise will be applicable on special rate agreed to customer.

It is not MTO because sales order is raise at depot.In STO we can not maintain price.

How to mapp this.


SD Consultant.

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You can check the PO number in the Sales Order at Header > Order Data.

Else go to MB51 , write Material Code , Plant ( from where it was delivered).You will get all those Deliveries with Movement Type as 641.After getting the Delivery Number , you can easily trace the Document Flow.

Best Regards,


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Hi Ankur,

Thank you for your reply. I want to track this in trasction like in third party sales with ref to sales order purchase rquisition will generate and w.r.t PR Po will create.

How to manage this here as pricing is main concern here and i want to allocate that stock to perticular customer only.


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Hi ,

As Ankur suggested , that seems to be a possible way . Else if you have ABAPer help , you can try following :

-- Once you enter the special material in sales order item ,a user exit can be used to give a pop up in which you can display the STO number linked to that material. This pop up will be a kind of mini report which will tell the price used in that ref STO for that material .

--- Once user double click on that pop up on appropriate line, user exit will replace the special material default base price with base price used in the STO .

Else :

-- While creating STO for that "special" material , populate a Ztable . This Ztable will be a one stop info for that material and the rate , delev number etc in the STO . This table can be updated real time using user exist in billing or using some batch program running in background .

-- Now while creating sales order using this special material , a routine in your pricing procedure can query the ztable and replace the base price with data in z table.

Hope this helps.

B O L . !