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STO receiving plant st loc gets copied to sending plant st loc

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Hi SAP Guru,

For STO, the storage location given in ME21N is for receiving plant which shows

in MD04 of receiving plant but it should not show as storage location

of sending plant in MD04 of sending plant.

E.g. if we give st loc 2001 for receiving plant MX06 in ME21N and look

MD04 for this material for receiving plant MX06, it shows storage

location 2001 for receiving plant which is ok but if I look MD04 for the same material for

sending plant then there also it shows same storage location 2001 which

is not necessary that sending plant may have same storage location


I think it should not show any storage location in MD04 of sending

plant. This is causing issue for our planning that is done by external


Please advise for any fix or any solution on it.

Thanks for your help on it.

Best Regards,


Edited by: Manoj T on Jul 27, 2010 5:53 AM

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Answers (1)

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check your material master whether there is a goods issue storage location maintained for the sending plant.

It would not make any sense to copy the storage location over from ordering plant to sending plant. Especially not in my system, as the storage location would have different numbers (e.g. 1002 location would not exist in both plants)