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STO - Purchase order, Delivery and Invoice

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Hi Team,

Need your help!

1, How to Create Purchase Order to Test the data after ABAP Developed A Program.

2, How to take Purchase organisation and Purchase group using Tables.

3, How to take Vendor details using Sales Area and how to run tables.

4, Once we create Purchase order, How to create outbound delivery and STO invoice.

Could you please brief on this. Since i need to test the data.



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1. ME21N to Create STO. You will required to enter

Order Type ( Inter State or Intra State etc) , Vendor (sending plant), Purchase Organization ,Purchase Group ,Company Code ,Material ,Quantity , Receiving Plant , Storage Location etc.

2. In SE16N -> Table - T024E

3.For Vendor Details Use Tcode- BP (Business Partner.)to get details

4.To create Outbound delivery ,VL10D or VL10B . Enter sending plant and STO and execute. Enter required quantity and execute. In VL02n check OBD number and follow the same step as in normal OBD.

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Thank you Shital for your Answer. Its really helpfull