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STO - Outbound Delivery

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Dear Friends,

How to restrict the Excess Quantity of Delivery in an Outbound Delivery against a Stock Transport Order Quantity. ( apart from the Standard - ovlp : Check overdelive - B ).

Thanks & Regards


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Answers (5)

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Your requirement can not be achieved through config settings. You have to go for User Exit , use LV50PFZA for your requiremnt . Ensure in coding that this exit is called in all Delivery and Billing transactions, restrict your code to required Transactions only



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Dear Arulvannan

I think the suggestions given by our friends will work only for sales orders not for STO

I think the userexit has to be applied to check over delivery in STO



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Hi there,

Receiving plant is maintained as internal customer master. So in VD02 for that internal customer master --> Sales area data --> Shipping --> enter the over delivery tolorence.

Also in 0VLP --> Quantity --> Check for over delivery --> select the relevant option A or B.



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Dear Arul,

SPRO==>IMG==>MM==>Purchasing==>Purchase Order

==>Set up Stock Transport Order, and/or

==> Set up Stock Transport Order Between Storage Locations

Here, you may Create & Define - Checking Rules & Availability check, and

==>Assign Delivery Type and Checking Rule, OR

==>Assign Delivery Type and Checking Rule According to Storage Location

Best Regards,


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hi arul,

u can also check in the internal customer master( receiving plant) in tha master record u find the over delivery and underdelivery in shipping tab in the sales area data view. here u can control the over delivery.