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STO from storgae location to storgae location with in the plant

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Is it possible to create stock transport order to move stock from one storage location to other storage loctaion with in the plant? what are configuration settings required?

how to define sending storgae location.

Thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Suresh/GSC,

The requirement is The MRP is creating reservation for moving the stock one storage loc to otehr sloc with movemnrt type and we don't have option to create resrvtaion with move type 313.

Now to move the stock from one storgae location to other it is taking 3days and as the resrvation is getting careted with 311 move type the stock isn't showing as "in transit".

Inorder to overcome this we are planning to use STO to move stock from one Sloc to other Sloc with ion teh plant and we are in SAP 4.7 version.

Is it possible to move stock from sloc to sloc using STO.

Thank you.

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You cannot transfer stock from sto loc to sto. loc. within plant thru STO in 4.7 version.

You have to transfer thru mb1b with mov. 311.



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In 4.7 version you will not get the Storage location to storage location Stock transfer option.

This is applicable to the ECC version only.

In 4.7 version you can adapt the Transfer posting from Storage loc to Storage loc using the Movement type 311,

but if you need the delivery type, Shipping data for Stock transfer b/w Storage loc to Storage location it is not possible in 4.7 version. It is only avalible in ECC versions.

Stock Transfer Between Storage Locations

u2022 Function of stock transport orders between storage locations is available from ECC 6.0 onwards.

u2022 As a result of which user can input issuing storage location with supplying plant.

u2022 Facility of using different delivery types for different issuing storage locations is available.

u2022 Shipping Point data can also be determined based on the issuing storage location.

if u want u can try following in ECC version

STO in Storage loc

hope it clears



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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First thing why you need the STO for transfering the stock from Storage location to storage location with in the plant.

You can go with MB1B transaction with 311 mvt type . No need of STO for this.

Just enter the mvt type , plant, storage location from which it is issuing. Inside enter the Receiveing storage loc with material number & qty.

System will post the stock to recieving storage location.

If you need the delivery type to be included in SAP only ECC version will allow to create the STO for str loc to str loc.

check in SPRO MM Purchase order -- Setup stock transport order -- Sto b/w str loc to str loc.

you can assign the delivery type for this.

Keep in mind this option is not available in SAP R/3 4.7 or before versions.



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Whats advantage of Doing STP between ST LO to ST Lo.