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STO for Configurable Materials

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We have been successfully using the STO process. We now have a new scenerio that is not working correctly. I will explain it below and hopefully someone has this same scenerio and can offer some help.

We have a sales order for an item in plant 0001. This item requires material A1234 which is produced in plant 0002.

A1234 is configurable. It also has a BOM (in plant 0002) that contains other configurable materials (that are also set up with special procurement 52 so they will be collective orders).

In plant 0001, A1234 has a special procurement key (ZA) that indicates that this material is to come from plant 0002.

When MRP is run, it will create the STO purchase requision (PurRqs) in plant 0001. It will also create the release order for the stock transfer requisition (PRqRel) in plant 0002. And a planned order (PldOrd) is created for A1234 in plant 0002. The planned order is then converted to a production order for A1234. This production order contains collective orders for the configurable materials within A1234's BOM.

This looks good, except if you go into the production order for one of the configurable collective orders, that material does not have it's characteristics show up (when looking in Header - Configuration). I believe this is because the order bom for the sales order is looking for A1234's BOM in plant 0001, but the BOM is in 0002.

Our configuration for the ZA special procurment key is: (tcode OMD9)

Procurement Type = F (external procurement)

Special Procurement = U (stock transfer)

Plant = 0002

I can tweak the configuration to get the characteristics to show up (by selecting withdr. altern. plant option), but then the STO purchase requisition isn't created.

Has anyone else had a situation like this. Are there any modifications to our special procurement configuration that might help us.

Thank you for your time reading through this and helping out!


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Melissa -

Have you tried setting the individual / collective indicator on all the configurable materials to blank. The setting is on the MRP4 tab of the material master. I remember having an issue with cross-plant configuration flowing through in nested KMATs before and our issue was not having the sales order linked to the "children" materials. Not sure if this will fix your issue but worth a check anyway.