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STO document update in LIS S033

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Hello everyone,

I am experiencing an issue with 'S033' update for STO. We are using STO process '641 mvt type' (Issue) and '101 mvt type' (Receipt).

You can see in the below screenshot, issue quantity (2500) is updated against the '101 GR material document' with blank storage location. Logically it should have been updated against the '641 issue material document' (which we can't see here).

Additional info : GR is non-valuated, receiving plant (8900) inventory is debited at the time of PGI (641 mvt type) in supplying plant.

Have anyone experienced this issue ?

Thanks in advance.

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You see you have 4 items in S033 for just 2 material documents.

a transfer posting has always 2 lines, one for the removal and the second for addition.

Remove from normal warehouse stock and add to in-transit stock of receiving plant

remove from in-transit stock of receiving plant and add into valuated stock of receiving plant.

I see here no problem at all, just standard design

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Yeahh, that's correct, wonder how i missed that, Got it :), thank you very much Jürgen L