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Hi ,

why we are not sharing /usr/sap/trans directory to the 3rd system landscape.

say dev,was,prd are the 3 system landscape..pls tell me why we are not sharing (unix or windows any yhing) to the prd system.

if u are saying we have to share then what is the use of transport layer and routes....what ever request we are creating in dev server should go directly to prd righ? because we are sharing (if u say we have to share).

pls clarify my doubts.

thanks in advance.

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In every OS will wil share tp requests from Domain contrloler to remaining systems.

ie from DEV- QAS -PRD

DEV is domain controlller,,,



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Virtual system configration

To configure a virtual system:

Log on to the SAP system that functions as the transport domain controller.

Call Transaction STMS.

Choose Overview ->Systems.

The system overview appears.

Choose SAP System-> Create -> Virtual system.

The dialog box TMS: Configure Virtual System appears.

Enter the name and a short description of the SAP System.

The domain controller is proposed as the communications system.

The communications system is required to act as a substitute for accessing the transport directory.

Save your entries and confirm that you want to distribute the configuration change to all real SAP Systems.

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Hi experts,

thanks for your response.

now iam clear with those concepts.

could you all pls tell me if QAS and PRD not installed,only DEV is installed then how request will be saved in dev sever.i think concept of virtual system comes righ? could you pls explain in detail steps to do ...and also after QAS and PRD comes hw to link existing DEV to qas and prd.

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The Domain control is the system that which holds importance and role of each system in that domain.

SAP System in which the transport route configuration is maintained centrally for all systems in the same transport domain.

Go throught this link for more details:

Coming to the first question:

The transport directory is usually shared in many case not mandatory.

We can have DEv as domain controller however transport directory may physically is on PRD system and it is shared to all the other systems in the domain through nfs export.

Here we have to be claer with Transport domain, transport group.

The systems which share common transport Dir are called Transport group.

The systems has common domain controller is called transport domain.

The release of request going directly to other system etc is possible in with in single domain.

For moving transport b/w domain we need special provision like Domain link or communication systems which has ionformation about the both domains and its dir,systems etc.

You can get lot of info about this in the above provided links.(you may have to click some links)

Next comes the transport layer :

SAP product is bunch of programs repository etc.

So mainly it is a software.

So it will have programs.Many programs .a they are more in number they are been classified in development callsesa.for easy search and putting things under relevent categeories.

Like if we have many books in our shelf we try to segregate them for better serach.(something similar)

So the whole of the objects taht belong to SAP are segregated into development class .Then these development callses are assigned to Transport layers.

So we have standard sap provided objects and our own development .Accordingly we create the transport layers.

Transport route teels the way the transpots has to move in a landscape.

This all to do with the heavy amount of objects taht are getting modified or getting created in new development .To handle these objects in a systamatic way SAP came up with CTS .

Hope this clarifies..


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hi samrat,

thanks for your response..your answer was quite helpfull.still doubts. we need to share the DOMAIN CONTROLLER 's CTD to all systems.even if QAS is DC .we need to share QAS CTD to DEV AND PRD righ.

2.with out transport routes and transport layer automatically request wont go to others OS level are linked with SAP right?

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1. exactly as you said, which trans directory needs to be shared depends on CTD

2.unless you have proper sharing at OS level your request will not proceed to next system


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Hi samrat,

thanks for your response.

say for eg dev is domain controller.QAS is testing server and PRD.

so u r telling we need to share the CTD of dev to others systems also including PRD? or we should not share?

and which system CTD should be shared when DEV is domain controller.?is that nessary that onLY DOMAIN CONTROLLER system CTD should be shared.or even QAS AND PRD CTD can aslo be shared.

in that CTD all the systems are configured righ?

(here for eg we can take dev system CTD are shared)so when creating request in dev system,it will store in /usr/sap/trans/cofiles and data of dev wen /usr/sap/trans of dev are shared then automatically this request should go to QAS and PRD righ? y concept of routes.coz all are OS related righ?.

pls explain me.

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If your domian controller is DEV then DEV trans directory will be shared by QAS and PRD

some time concept of backup domain controller comes at that time during down time of DEV QAS trans directory wil be used as CTD

now regarding routes and layers

you are right since every thing is shared from DEV trans

why is concept of layers

to tell transport request where to go (first QAS then PRD) and how to go layers and routes will help


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Please read below link and get the clearity.



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if three system are configured under one landscape then we will have CTD (comman trans directory) which is shared by all the three systems

you can check DIR_TRANS parameter in AL11 of all the system for your comman transport directory

Layers are the one on which modifications are moved