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Step by Step configuration for Shipment cost Calculation

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Hi Gurus,

Does anybody have the step by step configuration guide for Shipping, Transportation & Shipment Cost Calculation. I am new to this functionality. My email id

Thanks in advance



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi MAhendra,

Create Delivery:

T.code: Vl01n

Create TO:

T.code: LT03

Create Shipment Document


After the status of the delivery is open for transportation planning, it is possible to create a shipment document to schedule the transportation.

Logistics  Logistic Execution  Transportation Transportation Planning  Create  Single document

T.code: VT01n

Enter your transportation planning point and shipment type. Press enter.

Creating the shipment cost document


After the deliveries are scheduled by shipment and the shipment is executed, now it is time to maintain and close the shipment document in order to record all relative information and ready for the shipment cost settlement.

Logistics  Logistic Execution  Transportation Shipment cost  Create  Single document

T.code: VI01.

After creation of shipment cost doc. You settle the Shipment cost.

Go to VI02, enter shipment cost no.and press enter.

Then go to Overview -- Fright cost items, Select hte line item and double click it.

Go as main menu: Itme --> Acc. assignment, You enter G/L acc. and cost center to which the transportation cost will be posted.

On the Standard change, details – Freight cost items screen, then check the check box “Transfer”, which means you will transfer the relative transportation cost to FI/CO, in this case, the system should determined which Purchase Order will used to settle the cost, so after you check the “Transfer” check box.

Press save button on the current screen.

Shipment cost settlement and documents:


After the shipment cost settled in shipment cost document, it has the following affects:

It creates a service entry sheet that refers to the purchase order determined.

It posts acceptance of services performed.

It creates an accounting document for the accruals.

Further subsequent documents are created in FI.

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