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Std Workflow events for HR Scenarios

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Hi I am looking for standard workflows for the following scenarios. Can someone tell me if there are any standard workflow events or should I go for creating a new WF event.

1.Legal Name change---Is there a Wf that triggers some notification.

2.Hire Action in SAP--Is there a Wf that triggers some notification to HR team and Dept mgr.

3.Hire Action in SAP--Is there a Wf that triggers some notification to HR team and Dept mgr.

4.Leave of Absence--Sap notifying HR team.

5.Initial change(IT 105)--Payroll Admin sends notification to associate as well as security team.

6.Marital Status Change.

7.Termination(Voluntary and Involuntary)--Notification to Security team.

8.Probation--Sap reminds the HR team that date is due for employee to return.

I was thinking that for every scenario we have to create a new wf event. I may be wrong but is there a standard wf for the above.

Thanks in advance.

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There are std. workflows for this, but it will depend upon your configuration. You can trace whether a workflow is getting triggered from txn: SWEL.

The better option is to use the MAIL feature of dynamic actions. Here's the process:

Enter the name of the feature which defines the characteristics of the mail.


Infotype Field ..... Ind. Var.function part

0001 SACHP M M0001

A mail is sent when the field SACHP is changed. The characteristics of the mail are defined in feature M0001.

In the standard system, feature M0001 is provided as a model. The documentation on feature M0001 explains how to define the characteristics of a mail.



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Thanks Sankhadip I have gone thru the feature but can someone provide me the example code for notification on a Infotype using this feature. I also wanted to find out if writing user exits for this Infotype and providing code for mail notification -

compared to this feature which will be better.

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Hr workflow event triggering is a bit different from other sap modules.

you can trigger any kind of events for personnel administration changes through transaction swehr2 and swehr3 (the first is sap standard and the second is for custom event triggering)

Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

PS also check the workflow forum

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Thanks Rob. Your suggestion was very valuable...I will try and get back.

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