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Std Reports in MRP & SFC

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Could anyone provide me Std available SAP Reports in MRP & SFC


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Use t-code SAP1 & system will show a menu per module & from there you can branch to the ones you need.

However for MRP you can use -> MD04, MD05, MD06, MD07, MD44, MD46, MD48 etc

For production orders -> COOIS.



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Hi Tcode SAP1 doesnot exist.


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That is not the case.

You might be excuting SAP1 from any other transaction screen as /nsap1.

This could be the reason for that error.

Get back on sap menu screen & execute it SAP1. You will get list of available reports.


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Dear Srividya,

Enter the T code SAP1 only when you are in SAP easy access screen.when you are working with some other T code check

with /osap1.

Importatant reports for MRP

MD04 Display Stock/Requirements Situation

MD05 Individual Display Of MRP List

MD06 Collective Display Of MRP List

MD07 Current Material Overview

MD08 Reorg. MRP Lists

MD09 Pegging

MD45 MRP List Evaluation

MD46 Eval. MRP lists of MRP controller

MD47 Product Group Planning Evaluation

MD48 Cross-Plant Evaluation

MD4C Multilevel Order Report

MDLD Print MRP List

SFC Reports

MCP1 SFIS: Operation Analysis Selection

MCP3 SFIS: Material Analysis Selection

MCP5 SFIS: Material Analysis Selection

MCP6 Goods rcpt analysis: repetitive mfg

MCP7 SFIS: Work Center Analysis Selection

MCP8 Goods rcpt analysis: repetitive mfg

MCP9 SFIS: Select Run Schedule

MCPB Operation analysis: Dates

MCPD Production order analysis: Dates

MCPE_CUS Commodity Pricing Customizing for MM

MCPE_DOC Commodity Pricing in MM Documents

MCPE_FA_ACC_SEQ Access Sequence for Formula Assembly

MCPE_FA_COND_TYPE Condition Types for Formula Assembly

MCPE_FA_CT Cond. Tables for Formula Assembly

MCPE_FA_DET_PROC Det. Procedure for Formula Assembly

MCPE_FA_FC MM Field Catalog

MCPE_FA_GCM Formula Master Data Maintenance

MCPE_MD Commodity Pricing Master Data for MM

MCPE_WB CPE Formula Workbench for MM

MCPF Material analysis: Dates

MCPH Work center analysis: Dates

MCPK Operation analysis: Quantities

MCPM Production order anal.: Quantities

MCPO Material analysis: Quantities

MCPQ Work center analysis: Quantities

MCPS Operation analysis: Lead time

check and revert.


S Mangalraj.