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status problem in VBUK

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Hi all,

I am facing one problem in SAP ECC 6.0.

In VBUK table there is one field which is showing status of billing.

billing is already completed & its showing cleard in document flow.

but if i am cheking VBUK table billing status showing B instead of C.How can i resolve this problem.

Thanks in Advance.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ajit,

The status of VBUK-GBSTK in a billing document depends on two factors:

- accounting status (VBUK-BUCHK) and

- invoice list billing status (VBUK-RELIK)

Please check if you have the status 'A' for VBUK-RELIK which means that the system expects an invoice list to be created for the document.

You could also check if a billing is relevant for invoice list in billing Goto-> Header->

In billing document header:

Inv.list type LR (VBRK-FKART_RL)

If the billing document types are not relevant for invoice list and to avoid this problem in future you should set in customising the field 'Invoice List Type' to blank for the concerned billing types. Also you should not have an entry in the field 'Inv. list sched.' (KNVV-PERRL) in the billing view of the master data of your customers (trans XD02).

To close the existing documents you could either

- create invoice lists for the concerned billing documents


- you have to write an ABAP-report to change VBUK-GBSTK to 'C' for the

concerned billing documents.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Pls find out the list of item categories which have this problem. If my analysis is correct, some item categories should not be having this problem, while some other item categories will be having this problem again and again. If this is the case, check the item category Completion rule in VOV7. If you keep correct value here, then the records will be updated correctly.

Once the configuration is done correctly, then there is a program which rectifies this problem. Pls check the program SDVBUK00 for its logic and then run this to set the status for allthe documents.

Hope this helps

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Did you check if the Subsequent Document i.e. Sales Order or Delivery status is Completed or Partially Processed.

Best Regards,


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yes i checked.

actually this is happened only for last 3 years invoices

& not for all but almost cases.