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static credit check vs. credit limit check

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Hi experts,

In OVA8, static credit check is activated. In OVAK, which "credit limit check" should be selected properly? I have tried A, B, C, D in OVAK and found FD32 can be updated accordingly. Why?

Plz advise. Many thanks.

ps. A means Run simple credit limit check and warning message

B means Rund simple redit limit check and error message

C means Run simple credit limit check and delivery block

D means Credit management: Automatic credit control

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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SAP recommends not to use simple credit check (A, B or C in OVAK).

The only reason it still exists in the R/3 standard system is the

compatibility of R/3.

See the following notes for some of the issue surrounding the simple

credit check: 424086 and 370785.

Simple credit check is the old credit management system. In this check,

the system sums up the receivables, the open items from special G/L

transactions and the net value of the sales order. The total is compared

with the credit limit. However, automatic credit check (D) has much

greater functionalities including the consideration of open order value

in the credit calculation.

Moreover, with simple credit check the system does not determine a

credit status (VBUK-CMGST) since this function is reserved for credit

management (that is, for automatic credit check-> D). You can also check

note 370785 for further information about the simple credit check.

So please maintain automatic credit check (D) in OVAK and select the

desired credit check in OVA8. Moreover, it is very important that your

customizing settings are properly set according to note 18613 in order

to have credit management working correctly.

I hope this helps.


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Cathy,

If you want to have static or dynamic credit check maintain in OVA8 , then you need to maintain "D" as automatic credit control and credit group 01- sales order ,02-delivery ,03-GI.

Once this setting has been done w .r .t risk category update the FD-32 credit master accordingly.


Krishna O

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Dear Cathy,

I,m not able to understand the issue.

May kindly elaborate.



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Hi Cathy,

You need to assign it to D Automatic credit check.

Simple credet check, Because of its inherent properties its only check the credit limits at Order level. Not at Del and PGI level.

If the business wnt to have the credit checks at Del abnd PGI level then Simple credit check will not work out.

That is the reason most of the businsses will activate the credit checks static or Dynamic.

Based on this transactions Structures also updated accordingly.S066 and S067.

Kindly check whether structures are updated ?

I hope it will helpful.