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Start SAPEASYDMS via cl_gui_frontend_services=>execute

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is it possible to start easydms for a specific file or folder simply via cl_gui_frontend_services=>execute ?

I get it to start, but have no idea how to fill the parameters for a specific file or folder.

Purpose is to start easydms from inside SAPGUI, e.g. from bussiness workplace.

By now there's a solution similar to Z_EASYDMS_GETURL via BSP-Application -

but with IE9 there's that brings up the Downloadmanager . 

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Hi Wolfgang,

based on the provided detailed description. Since ERP 2005 the function module EASYDMS_GETURL is called from EasyDMS and the existence of a BADI implementation of EASYDMS_MAIN01  is checked.

So if you want to generate an URL please use this function module and see the information and sample coding in SAP notes




Generally EasyDMS should be started separated and not from inside the SAPGUI.

Best regards,

Christoph Hopf

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Hello Christoph,

thank you for these notes .

But they contain more or less the solution we had - generating a file via BSP and starting Easydms with the parameters from this file.

The drawback is the a double user identification - first at the WAS and then at Easydms.

And the second drawback ist that with IE9 there's always the downloadmanager asking  the question execute or store .

We found an other solution - we generate a file (similar to that, what this bsp does), download that file to the workdir of sapgui and then execute this file. Seems to work.

Anyway, with both solutions you need a link on client level between the filename (start.sapeasydms)

and the  EasyDmsStart.exe.

Best Regards