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Standard Values

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Any one can help me in this to solve.

I have a doubt in Defining Parameters section [ECC 5.0]. Transaction Code is OP7B]. The building block document shows the following data to configure the parameters, which follows:

Parameter Origin Parameter Text Keyword Dimension Standard Value unit

CP_001 Max Cap KG Max Capacity in KG 1 MASS KG


Origin for the parameter must be a STANDARD VALUE or WORK CENTER CONSTANT.

Doubt 1:

How can I choose the Origin types for Parameters?

Doubt 2:

If I choose the Standard Value of Operation as the Origin, How can I determine the Standard Value for the following?

If I choose the Work Center as Constant in the origin, how can I choose the corresponding Field in Field Name?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1. Formulas are used for calculating the scheduling , costing and capacity planning.

2. Formula Parameters are are used in fromulas and is identified by a parameter id.

3.Every formula parameter is linked with a particular field either customising routing or in work center.

4.When the formula is evaluated the parameter tales the value of the field.

Formula parameters origin:

Blank -- general operational value

1. --- work center constant

2 --- standard value in the operation

3. --- user defined fielsd from the operation

4. --- value from the PRT allocation

5. PRT Constant

6. general formula constant



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