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standard value key of resource

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how to get or find parameters of standard value key maintained in resources according to particular phase in confirmation of order

in cor6

thanking you

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how to get description of various activities of standard value key of resource in operations of process order in sap

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Hi Shriram,

Well follow the below:







I hope it helps you any queries revert me back.



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Hi Shriram - Open the process order and click on the operations button. Now in the operations screen, select the phase and click on the 'Opertn Details' button, first one at the bottom of the screen. this will take you to the operation general data screen. here select the standard value tab and you can see the details there.

Hope this helps.


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Hi shriram,


You use this function to determine the additional activities that have to be performed when an operation and phase is carried out. You can specifies these activities as follows:

In internally processed secondary resources you plan which of your own resources are required for an operation or phase beside the primary resource, for instance, the activity of a line operator.

In externally processed secondary resources, you plan the steps of phases that are to be carried out by another company, for instance, a quality inspection by an external laboratory (see Editing of External Processing Data).


You assign the master record of the required resource to internally processed secondary resources. It contains the following data that can influence the way secondary resources are processed:

The standard value key with rules for maintenance that determine which standard values you can or must define for the secondary resource

Formulas that you can use to calculate the capacity requirements and costs of the secondary resource

If required,default values that help you to edit certain secondary resource data.

If labor capacity has been assigned to the secondary resource, you can enter the number of employees required for the phase in the general phase data. The system uses this number for the following evaluations:

The planning table of repetitive manufacturing uses this information to determine the maximum and minimum number of employees required for a planning period.

Using the POI interface, you can transfer the required number of employees to the Process Flow Scheduler (PFS) or other planning tools.


The master records of the resources you want to assign as secondary resources have been created in the system.

The resources have been released for master recipes via their task list usage (see Customizing for Master Recipes).

Unlike primary resources, secondary resources must not:

Belong to the same plant as the master recipe

Be contained in the resource network of the recipe or order header

The resource formulas correspond to those of the primary resource.

You cannot use secondary resources to represent capacities that you want to use for primary resources with quantity-dependent formulas and primary resources with quantity-independent formulas.

In this case, you require a pooled capacity that you assign to the primary resources in the resource master record together with the formula required in each case. Note, however, that the Process Flow Scheduler (PFS) only takes one capacity category per resource into account.


You can assign any number of secondary resources to an operation or phase. Via a control key, you determine whether the secondary resource is processed internally or externally.

Secondary resources are processed differently to primary resources as follows:

Secondary resources are not automatically committed for the entire duration of an operation or phase. For them, you define separate standard values and dates relative to the start and finish dates of the operation or phase (see graphic below).

For this reason, the following functions are not carried out at phase level but directly for the secondary resource:

- Scheduling

- Capacity requirements planning

- Confirmation

- Costing

By defining a control key just like for phases, you determine which of these functions is allowed for a secondary resource.

For secondary resources, you cannot use system-aided resource selection in the process order.

If you replace a secondary resource that you have assigned somewhere with a different one, you must bear the same in mind as for primary resources (see Primary Resource Assignment to Operations).

I hope it helps you.



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Please look into the below link for the standard value key assignment of the resource and also confirmation by Phase:

You use the parameter ID of the standard value to determine the activity you want to confirm in the process message. The parameter must be defined in the standard value key of the secondary resource