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Standard Material Type Deleted.... how to add new material Type

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Dear Expert,

i m new in SAP by mistake i have deleted standard material type from the OMS2 ( changed View material Type screen) . but when i going to add the new material type than i m not able to add the new material type. getting the message "no entries found that match selection criteria".

your help will be higly appriciate...


Pravin Kadam

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Hi Pravin,

You have to copy an existing material type. If it doesn't give this message, probably authorization issue.


@MODS : I'm not sure if this is correct forum and it could be moved to MM forum.

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Dear Sujay,

I have already mention that i have deleted the standard material Type. When i going to add the new material type than above message is reflected...

Please help out....



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what do you select?

the message is talking about selection.

did you try to create a new material type by entering the deleted material type as from material type?

you cannot reference a from material type that is deleted.

But you can get the standard material types back from client 000, which has the SAP delivered customizing.

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Creating a new material type needs maintaining several settings. Therefore, when you try to click on 'New entries' in OMS2 without selecting any existing entry, SAP will suggest you copy an existing entry and make changes. If i understand correctly, in your case, you have deleted all the existing entries and now you are not able to create any entry since SAP will not allow you to create a new entry without copying from an existing one! In this case, you can try this....log into some other client (go to SCC4, you will see the rest of the clients in your box), copy an existing material type and create a Z material type, save the transport. Log into your actual client, use SCC1 to import the transport to this client. this needs the help of BASIC guys....hope this helps! let me know otherwise.

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