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Standard Cost Without Routing

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Dear All,

Is it possible to run standard cost estimate of material without routing? I just want to include the BOM (Bill of Material) in it.

Awaiting your reply.



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To know input material cost, we need BOM

Routing is for actvity costs. (Ex: Labour cost, Machine setup cost etc., wtill be posted through work centers)

Both are separate and there is no need of routing while running standard cost estimate.

Since there is no routing in BOM, standard cost estimate consists only Material cost.


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For bom create , chage display.

cs01 , cs02 , cso3

for routing ca01, ca02, ca03

for work center cr01, cr02, cr03

here when we are doing the costing run bom and routing

in bom contains all the list of materials

routing it contains all the work center list where operation performed

in routing all the work center will available

in work center it is linked to cost center and cost center is linked plan activites in kp26

so we will give required activities in work center.