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Standard Cost estimate in Backround

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I have a scenario where I have a manufacturing plant & a trading plant which sources from the manufacturing plant. I have maintained special procurement key in the material master of trading plant.

Problem Statement

Material extension/creation is very frequent at the trading plant & users do not want to run the cost estimate every now & then. They need a solution by which the cost estimate is run automatically once the material is extended in the trading plant. Cost estimate is required to transfer cost component breakup in CO-PA when Invoicing is done from the trading plant.

Solution already tried

I have tried to use transfer control - Cross Plant feature but that will not solve the purpose. I understand that I can create a recording for CK11N & CK24 to release the cost estimate. Just wanted to check on your expert thoughts.

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Dear Harnish,

You can transfer cost estimates of your production plant to trading plant's sales with CCS detail. You can use "Plant Used for Reading Cost Estimate" section in costing key customizing. You can specify source plant for getting the cost estimate detail.

You need to create a new costing key for your trading plant and then assing this new costing key to your trading plant in KEPC.

Best Regards,