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Standard Cost estimate in Backround

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I have a scenario where I have a manufacturing plant & a trading plant which sources from the manufacturing plant. I have maintained special procurement key in the material master of trading plant.

Problem Statement

Material extension/creation is very frequent at the trading plant & users do not want to run the cost estimate every now & then. They need a solution by which the cost estimate is run automatically once the material is extended in the trading plant. Cost estimate is required to transfer cost component breakup in CO-PA when Invoicing is done from the trading plant.

Solution already tried

I have tried to use transfer control - Cross Plant feature but that will not solve the purpose. I understand that I can create a recording for CK11N & CK24 to release the cost estimate. Just wanted to check on your expert thoughts.

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Hi Gabriel,

I know but my pain area is different from what you have understood. Pls. refer to my further explanation.

I am already using the costing key & in our case it is multiple manufacturing plants. My pain area is that I have to run the cost estimate at the depot level each and every time a material is extended. Is there a method where by if special procurement key is assigned in material master of depot, cost estimate of source plant is automatically transferred to CO-PA without running cost estimate in depot plant?


Harnish Shah