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standard cost error

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Hello Experts,

I have run standard cost estimate with t-code ck11n for the material codes.BOM is open. But standard cost is not included activity cost. And I have check routing and it is available to run standard cost estimate.

Can any one say what are the things to be checked if the above problem occur.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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please check that you have created Activity Types for each machine and assigned these activities to the material BOM, the cost centers assigned to the corresponding work centers helps to calculate the unit cost for the product costing.


Shailesh Verma

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Just follow the below steps...

Costing Run

Costing run is used to process mass data. The costing run enables you to cost more than

one material at the same time, either online or in the background. It reproduces the entire

process of costing with a quantity structure.

Process Flow Overview

Create costing run

u2022 Company code

u2022 Posting parameters

u2022 Costing variants

u2022 Costing dates

Some material

Select specific assemblies for the costing run

Quantity structure determination for the selected assemblies

All materials

Select all assemblies for the costing run

After completing the steps for either Some material or All materials

Carry out costing run

Mark and release costing

The costing run involves separate steps, being the selection of materials for costing,

determining material components via the BOM explosion, and then carrying out costing

level by level.

BOM explosion is only necessary if a complete selection of materials is not carried out,

such as the selection of finished products only.

Logs are generated for each step of the costing run, and can be printed out and saved in

the system. With Extras you can print the logs for selection and quantity structure

determination, for costing and for marking and release (online or background mode).

Creating a costing run


u2022 Transaction CK41

u2022 Enter a name identifying the costing run (i.e. test x and the (i.e. XX.XX.XX) on

which the costing run is to be executed.

u2022 Press Enter. This brings you to the general data for the costing run.

u2022 Enter the necessary data and press Enter.

u2022 The dialog box Costing Dates appears.

u2022 Check the proposed data's and make any necessary changes. Press Enter. The

release is only possible within this period message is displayed. Press Enter.

u2022 If costing across company codes has been activated in the Customizing for

Product Cost Planning, the system displays the controlling area in which existing

cost estimates from other company codes can be transferred.

u2022 Specify the Update Parameters.

u2022 Press Enter.

u2022 Specify the Print Parameters.

u2022 Press Enter and Save the costing run.

Selecting Materials for a costing run


u2022 Transaction CK60

u2022 Goto -> Variants -> Get. Select the variant name.

u2022 Enter a range of material numbers and plant. If the materials selected come from

different plants, leave the plant field blank.

u2022 As a default value, the last costing run entered and its data are displayed. You can

change both as needed.

u2022 Click the Copy button.

u2022 To start the selection, choose Execute. The release is only possible message is

displayed. Press Enter.

u2022 After the selection, a list screen appears with information on the costing run and

data on each material selected.

u2022 To check all messages that occurred during selection, choose Extras -> Log

u2022 Save the costing run.

Displaying the results of selection


u2022 Transaction CK43

u2022 Enter the name and date of the costing run and press Enter.

u2022 Before carrying out any further steps, choose Extras -> Log -> For Selection. The

log provides an overview of the results of the selection and the option to correct

possible errors before carrying out further steps.

u2022 Choose the desired view with Goto.

u2022 For example: Goto -> Material Overview.