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Standard Business Questions for new FI/CO implementation

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Can anybody please provide a standard lists of questions to ask Business persons for FI/CO implementation or suggest where can it be found/available. kindly send to this email :

Please assist in this reagard as it is very urgent.

Points will be given generously.


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Answers (2)

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The above reply is very hellpful, I would still appreciate some more points from anybody.

Thanks a bunch.

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Hi Ashwin,

Please Find below the some of the general questions asked for a new implementation.

1) Describe in as much detail as possible of the business at your location and its processes regarding

2) Prepare a complete list on all legally required reports, forms and templates (e.g. Financial Statement Versions Balance, P&L, Cash Flow Report, Expense Report, Reconciliation Report about Diff. US GAAP / local Tax Law, etc).

3) Will you need an interface to other external software? (e.g. payroll, taxes, barcode, etc.).

Please list and give a brief explanation.

4) Please list all your required payment terms.

5) For the creation of vendor tolerance groups (price, no quantity) please give appropriate details.

6) For the creation of automated journal entries, please give a complete overview on the assignment of cost elements to cost centers.

7) As a preparation on the mapping of the chart of accounts, please prepare a complete list of all required accounts that will have to be assigned to the new number ranges, in the Global Chart of Accounts.

8) Is there a legal requirement for an alternative chart of accounts for your entity?

9) Please prepare a complete list of all the common payment methods you have in use

10) Please deliver a complete list of national bank indicators and codes

11) Will you need different payment formats for different countries? Please give an overview.

12) Provide An Organisation Chart (Bring a copy with you)

13) Provide your Current Chart of Accounts Listing (Bring a copy with you)

14) Provide a list of Cost Centres

15) Request from the bank complete bank directory listing relevant bank information for all banks in your country.

16) What types of transactions are typical for each account

17) Approximately how many transactions are processed daily on each bank account?

18) Do you currently receive bank Statements in manual or electronic format?

19) How do customers typically pay

20) Please provide a list of all the currencies you currently deal with

21) Prepare a sample each of the month- end / year- end closing schedule

Please assign points if found useful