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I have an issue regarding scraping the matl in production due to some process rejection.

For this how can I scrap ,what things I have to customize as well as what documents I have to maintain for end users.process rejections sent to quality then they chk if rej. available they transfer to blocked stk in production area, from there I have to scap that to stores for selling .they using Mov type 344.i want to use 551 mov type .

Here is the scenario,

Process details

1) Issuing raw matl 1000pcs to prodn.

2)then it goes to 1st process making a raw body ,in this stage 50 pcs rej due to setting or some reason

3)then pass remaining 950 to next stage,in this 10 pcs rej

4)then I pass the 940 pcs to body assy

5) now I got the finshproduct of 940 only

6) Now my inventory should be equal like


940 is in finshed goods & remaining 60 pcs Iin scrap.

How to update in my inventory account ?

The total qty issued should be tally in the SAP.How can I map those issues .Pls suggest me in step by step .what t-codes,customize fields to be maintain etc .

I want to maintain like this

I have an scrap material in production area & I need to move those matl with production order to quality or stores. Now i need to create prodn order type as ZSCRP and also assign no. ranges for this prod order type. After that what settings are to be done to link routing ,work center etc .Pls suggest me in step by step including path .

Productionorder type : ZSCRP

Discription : Scrap account order

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Thanx to all

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Dear jayaraman,

This u can achive by doing yield and scrap confirmation in CO11N/CO15, In co11N for first operation confirm yeild as 950 and scrap as 50, for second operation confirmation yeild is 940 and scrap is 10, third is yeild 950 and scrap is blank and so on. it will update the order and cost will be settled to the order(header material) this is the way u need to follow. This is during inprocess or in production before GR to order

suppose after GR, if quality found some stock is to be scraped while puting UD for the lot they have option to post qty to scrap it is aganist cost center and stock reduces.

after quality also if u find some thing rejected in warehouse u can issue in MB1A, 551 mov type aganist cost center with the reason.

if u follow this method it will solve ur issue.


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Thanx to both of u,

I'll check and get u back.

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SAP is suggesting 3 types of scraps.

1. Assembly scrap - maintained in MRP-1 view

2. Component scrap - Maintained in MRP-4 & BOM, BOM will be the first priority

3. Operation scrap - maintained in BOM level.

Other than this you can maintain the scrap in Routing-operation details, below general data scrap % field also.

Regarding the scrap SAP has explained in very good manner.

The below details you can view in BOM, item basic data screen, press f1 in the net id field, the same you will get. It will be more useful for you.

Assembly MAT-1:

Required quantity 100 pieces

Assembly scrap 2%

Component MAT-2:

Component quantity 100 pieces

Depending on the applicable scrap and the net indicator, the following 6 quantities are required for component MAT-2 for a required quantity of 100 pieces of MAT-1:

1 2 3 4 5 6

Comp 5% - 5% 5% - -

Op. 6% 6% - - - -

Net ind X X X - - X


Qty 11130 10600 10500 10710 10200 10000


Comp Component scrap

Op. Operation scrap

Net ind Net indicator

Qty Quantity calculated for component MAT-2 in pieces

For the new order type you need to do the following configurations also.

1. Order type dependent parameters -OPL8

2. Availability check

3.scheduling parameters

4. Confirmation parameters.


V. Suresh

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