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SQ02 - Query with adicional fields

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Hi, I need your help to develop a query with additional fields.

The case is that:

In my query I only have a table VBAK and my propose is that this query returns me the quantity that are in a sales document for some material that should be selection parameters.

So I create 2 additional fields: one that is the u2018 Material u2018 that have no codification and other that is the quantity that have the code:

select single ZMENG into quantity from VBAK where matnr = material.

But the result is null, I don't know why.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.


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MATNR is not available in VBAK !

You have to create first an info-set using SQ02 : here you link VBAK and VBAP, and select the fields you need.

From SQ01, create a new query where matnr is a selection field ....

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You are right.

In the adicional field the code is:

select single ZMENG from vbap into quantity

where vbeln = vbak-vbeln and matnr = material.

I can't join vbak and vbap because I just want one row for document.